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Don't waste marketing dollars on trial and error. Let Sync manage your PPC campaigns!

The Sync Internet Marketing Pay-Per-Click plans offer professional text, display & video advertising management at a very affordable price. Many new advertisers dump big dollars into Google Adwords with no success. Properly managed pay-per-click accounts pay for themselves. Skip the huge learning curve and, let Sync manage your PPC!

Having the ability to track your pay per click ROI is essential for running an effective advertising campaign. Many advertisers track click-through-rate or conversions to determine a campaign’s effectiveness. While these numbers do assist advertisers in determining which ad groups have the highest performance, there is still a missing link in determining which advertising outlets provide the highest return for overall spend.

For example, we have seen that Ask sponsored listings tends to generate fewer clicks and a lower amount of conversion than that of Google. To an advertiser, it may appear that Google is the better performing advertising network because it generates more traffic and sales. However, traffic and sales do not necessarily indicate a better overall performance. Ask sponsored listings can generate a large amount of traffic at a lower cost per click. When comparing the overall advertising cost to the average conversion and sales amount, the ROI for Ask can actually prove to greater than that of Google.

Keep in mind that this is only an example. A well-optimized Google AdWords campaign can certainly outperform Ask and other search networks. The point is that a campaign with a large amount of traffic and sales does not always indicate high profitability.

Advertising effectiveness does not need to be a guessing game. Sync Online Media will help you optimize your advertising spend to get a better Return on Your Investment. Still have questions? Read more on our PPC 101 or check out our PPC FAQ!

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Label Daddy Online Advertising

Label Daddy Online Marketing & Advertising

Startup Label Daddy consulted with Sync Online Media to develop a corporate affiliate program and lead all e-mail and SEO marketing efforts. Sync Online Media and Label Daddy partnered to develop strategic relationships while building the online promotions marketing campaign.


Lemonade Weight Loss Diet

Wizard Productions partnered with Sync to speathead online outlets for thei newest diet product.

Utilizing our extensive Affiliate Marketing Network, Sync secured the cornerstone in online health suppliment networks, eMarkethealth, to exclusively launch celebrinty backed Lemonade Weight Loss Diet online.

USDS $99 Campaign

US Debt Settlement Branding & Online Advertising

Sync Online Media teamed up with US Debt Settlement to launch an offline/online advertsing campaign directed towards individuals and corporations. The initiative has tapped the Sync Online Media online marketing and branding capabilities.

Details Event Planning

Details Event Planning Branding, Advertising & PR

Sync Online Media spearheaded DEPs branding and PR initiative to relaunch the brand. _ Project included all aspects of the Marcom mix including web development, branding/positioning structure and PR initiatives.

Affiliate PPC Promotions

The Sync Online Media Affiliate network is an extensive network of online marketers who sell products and services on a CPA basis.

Sync has successfully promoted a variety of products and services utilizing Affiliate marketing channels that span the globe. Sync can reach your target audience with this ready-to-go CPA sales force.

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