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​​Chiropractors Choose Sync!

​➤ Scalable Google Ads Management: At $99 per month we wont break the bank​! Our relationship grows while your company ​grows! ​Perfect for small lean companies!

​➤ Search, Display, Mobile, ​Remarketing: ​​​​​​​We analyze and strategize to ensure ​each ad outlet is efficiently and effectively utilized.​ ​​A custom ​strategy for each client!

➤ Innovative Strategy & Creative: ​​Our certified Google Ads advertising ​experts ​have the knowledge to concept​ and implement, relevant, targeted, unique creative on strategy​!

​➤ Conversion Tracking, ​Data Analysis, Refine​​ & Refine​: ​​Every campaign is an on going project.  The work never stops​. Launch, ​convert, analyze, refine refine refine!

Google ​Certified Partner

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Why Chiropractors Choose Sync?

​Setup & Refine​ Account Structure

Continuous Monthly ​ Management

​​Work the data​...Find Opportunity

Sync​ is a ​Multi Platform Management Company

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What Chiropractors Are Saying:

Sync manages all our online marketing including our Google Ads campaign. Out of the gate we could see a return on our investment in Sync. No doubt by hiring Sync we avoided the many pitfalls of online marketing. We had no idea how complex it could be. Sync makes it look easy!
Rebecca Penn, DC
Live Chiropractic
We hired Sync to take over our Google marketing. We thought we had a good grip on things and wanted to step things up a notch. Much to our surprise, we discovered we had no idea what we were doing. In fact leaving money on the table for Google to take! With Sync our ROI maximized fast!
Michael Harris, DC
Back Athletics

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​Sync has the experience​ to maximize your hard-earned dollar! It’s no joke, poor Google Ads management can kill your ROI. Sync has the know how to easily maximize your ​return on investment!

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